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It is our mission to provide timely and useful support for a holistic impact on individuals and communities through information, education, and service. Our members include but not limited to, community leaders, mentors, professionals
and para-professionals. Each member brings a unique gift to the program and share the
common goal of changing lives, communities and environment through service.

Efforts of social worker saves Home & Makes a difference in clients life

The Renew Group's Vice President, Leven “Chuck” Wilson, remarkable work can date back to his time in Hawaii while earning his
master’s degree in the Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work. One of his cases involved a client who was diagnosed
as bipolar, leading to her self-neglect and the deterioration of her eight-bedroom home in Kalihi. The structure
had fallen into such disrepair, foreclosure proceedings were imminent. So guess what
Chuck did? He decided to save the house.

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