In an effort to provide research and plan for the future of Flint, MI and the various summits and programs as it relates to Flint, the Renew
Group will partner with The Ferris Wheel Project to conduct four one-day summits in 2019.

This summit is a partnership with pre-collegiate school districts, private professionals, higher education, health care professionals, and researchers to provide the most recent and up-to-date challenges and solutions facing the Flint community’s education, health, growth and the workforce.
These summits are designed to enhance knowledge for the future plans and program development in all areas of Flint, Michigan.

STEAMM stands for: Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Math, and Music.

CLH stands for Cannibus, Lead & Health.

The Renew Group has partnerships with Microsoft, Innive Inc, Ferris Wheel Project, Phoenixone Inc

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